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The Kozy Kids Chairs Difference

Formal seating, comfy couches, recliners, rockers…

Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a furniture store selling their standard models to accommodate all our design and comfort needs. Less traditional are those furniture stores dedicated to the needs of our growing, exploring, inquisitive, and imaginative children. Even less, chairs that fulfill these needs and are worth their cost.

With a mission to create one-of-a-kind designs that suit the unique and individual tastes of its consumer, Kozy Kids Chairs was established in 2019 with two goals in mind:

1. Create legacy designs that become a treasured family keepsake; and
2. Stand behind their quality craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty on all designs

“Rouge Club Chair” by @kozykidschairs


With more than five decades of expertise, lead designer and co-founder, Gladys Silrus, takes quality craftsmanship to the next level. Every stitch, whether it is for a delicate fold of the fabric or artistic piping element, plays an integral role in the overall design of a piece.

“It’s all in the details,” says Gladys. “Every stitch matters and helps to create a piece of furniture that is durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. Everyone deserves that, especially our favorite little ones!”

Gladys’s keen eye for detail and love for design are evident throughout her quaint workshop. Already pre-measured and cut, wooden frames are organized and stacked on shelves; a healthy supply of fabric is nestled in rolls near a work bench; and unique design elements collected during her travels, from wooden spools to antique theatre seats, fill the empty spaces.

“Everything has its place,” Gladys added. “Just like every stitch. We just hope our little customers can enjoy the details and feel the love that went into every last one of them!”

Gladys with her favorite “Color Wheel Chair” by @kozykidschairs


So often, we make quick purchasing decisions based on a perceived need for something.
We head to Target for toilet paper, but leave with a #momboss t-shirt, a collection of candles, and a case of Bubbly seltzer water.

What happened?

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love everything about the above purchase choices. The problem is that your new t-shirt will fade, your candles will melt, and you will drink the seltzer, leaving you happy for the moment, but returning to Target once again to replenish these same needs.
None of these items have a “shelf life” that will outlast your desire to keep them.

Here’s the good news!

Kozy Kids Chairs are keepsake purchases that are built to withstand any shelf life. With a lifetime warranty guaranteeing the repair of gentle dents and damages done over the years, you and your family can enjoy your purchase now and for many years to come.
Did you know that your custom chair will also arrive with your child’s name embroidered on a label, identifying him or her as the official “owner” of the chair?
Little Sally Sue will relish in the sight of her name on her very own piece of furniture, staking claim to her new throne and welcoming the adventures that inevitably come with it.

Fast forward 50 years…

Can you imagine little Sally Sue’s granddaughter getting handed down this very chair? We already know it will be in good repair because (remember?) we have a lifetime warranty on our furniture.

We think she’ll love it!

This is what we mean by keepsake.

“Jungle Chair” by @kozykidschairs


Every Kozy Kids Chair is priced according to value – value of craftsmanship, value of material, and value of longevity.

Our chairs are not priced to “sell”; rather, they are priced based on the above-mentioned values.

When you choose to order your customized Kozy Kids Chair, you are making a conscious decision to purchase a piece of furniture that you intend to keep.

More so, when you choose to put your hard earned money toward a Kozy Kids Chair, you are doing so with the knowledge that we will back your purchase with a lifetime warranty. Our guarantee that we will provide your chair with the TLC it may need over the years, at no cost to you, is not something we take lightly.

When we say we are providing you with a legacy piece that you will feel confident passing down from generation to generation, we mean it. (Remember Sally Sue from the previous section?)

Visit our online shop at or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our Lifetime Warranty or how you can customize your child’s very own keepsake.

We promise you won’t be disappointed. We’ve put our family stamp of approval on it!

Allen and Gladys Silrus, owners of Kozy Kids Chairs