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Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

Have you ever noticed your little guy just sit back and observe how his Daddy moves, behaves, or even relaxes?

With his baseball cap on, legs crossed just so, or the way he chuckles at jokes he doesn’t quite understand yet…

Imitating his dad or the male figure in his life is the greatest form of flattery for your little man.


But, what if it wasn’t Dad’s chair but a pint size version of it just for your little guy?

Dad’s worldwide are infamous for having designated “command centers” where remote controls live, coffee cups reside, and recliners or ottomans have molded to their legs and feet after years of wear. Could you imagine a mini replica “center” complete with a favorite toy, a sippy cup, and maybe even a comfy throw blanket?

Kozy Kids Chairs is offering an opportunity for Daddy and son to relax in matching style with its “Daddy & Me” special offer just in time for Father’s Day!

This is also a great idea for the “Funcle” (fun uncle) in his life or even Grandpa to set up at his house! Well, maybe not if Grandpa’s set up resembles Martin Crane’s chair…but alas, I suppose we could even try to match that too (sans duct tape!).

kids furniture, Martin Crain's chair.


Take a minute right now to grab a quick look at Daddy’s favorite chair… (go on, we’ll wait)

Is it leather? Is it cloth? Black? Brown? Navy Blue? Green striped with duct tape holding it together?

Does it recline or have an ottoman, or is it just a standard chair?

Now imagine a miniature chair propped right next to it with matching fabric and your little dude sitting in it with a grin that could melt a million hearts!

Why is he grinning? Well, because…he’s one step closer to becoming just like his favorite Superhero. His Daddy!

We’ll use our signature Club Chair and Ottoman as the frame and base for your mini command center. It’s the perfect size, comfort level, and price point. From there, we’ll match the fabric (as close as we can!) to Daddy’s chair from our huge selection of fabric colors, prints, and textures.

Then, voila! We hand-deliver the replica chair to your front door with all the pomp and circumstance a chair of this caliber should receive!

kids furniture


The Club Chair and complimentary footstool are made out of a wood frame and foam. The chair shown above has woven polyester velvet upholstery.

The dimensions of the chair and footstool are 31″x 18″x 25″ and 21″x12″x7″ (L x W x H)

The weight of the chair and footstool are 24lbs and 7lbs.

This is perfect for children over the age of two; maximum weight capacity is 150 pounds.

The chair comes personalized with your child’s name on an embroidered name tag and a lifetime warranty.

Order yours before May 31 to receive 15% off your chair! We also offer free shipping and/or hand delivery within 100 miles of Bellingham, Washington!

Get this deal just in time for Father’s Day!