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This past year has taken its toll on moms everywhere.

From leading the homeschool charge, having our lively little children underfoot day in and day out, to working from home or opting to leave your job all together so you can coordinate the new demands of the pandemic lifestyle. In this process, many moms have reprioritized their lives to adapt to all the newfound responsibilities of “staying put,” inadvertently putting themselves at the bottom of the list.

We know the saying, “you can’t help others until you help yourself.” This has never been truer than it is right now. Moms worldwide are reporting feeling depleted, exhausted, depressed, and simply just not like their normal selves.

We would like to pivot our blog post this month in honor of the moms who have shown how selfless and amazing they are and send a friendly reminder to replenish, reflect, and regroup with simple self-care techniques.


One of the best gifts you can receive is the gift of relaxation. If you are having a hard time finding a technique that works for you, let us help with a few cost-free ideas you can try:

• Read a good book
• Call a friend or family member
• Go for a run or brisk walk
• Practice meditation and breathing
• Take a bubble bath or hot shower (with no interruptions)
• Take a nap
• Make yourself a fancy cup of coffee
• Declutter a space in your home

There is no right or wrong way to do it, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just look for a way that helps you feel more calm and less overwhelmed.


How many of you moms reading this blog have on a pair of socks that are wearing just a bit too thin on the heel?

Those jeans you’re wearing…didn’t they go out of style three seasons ago?

Take a moment this Mother’s Day to buy yourself something special or, in the least, a new pair of socks! Odd as it may be, it could really fill your cup and make you feel fulfilled…in a weird, mom way.

Buy yourself that special something that you’ve been eyeing or, better yet, spend a few bucks and hire someone else to complete one of your unfinished projects around the house.

As moms, we historically do a poor job of making ourselves a priority; there is always someone else to think about or serve. Am I right?!

Take some time to put yourself first – just this once – and allow yourself to feel the calm that overcomes you and the peace that a little self-care can provide.


What if instead of a gift this year, you asked for time?

• Binge watch your favorite show
• Order take out instead of cooking dinner
• Go to Target (alone) and smell every candle in the candle aisle
• Ask your kids to fold the towels, even if they do it all wrong (and don’t refold them!)

If you are looking for little pockets of time to take a bath or read a book and enjoy your coffee on a regular basis, your little ones are going to need a space to chill or stay occupied during that time…and Mom, do we have the answer for you!

Fill their chill space with a one-of-a-kind Kozy Kids Chair that invites hours of quiet, thoughtful, and engaging playtime and imagination.

As a bonus, thru the month of May, all our Club Chairs, Buddy Chairs, and Slumber Lounges are 15% off! Head on over to our online shop to order your gift of time!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible, selfless, beautiful moms – including our beautiful mom, Gladys! We are so grateful to you and for all you do!