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And then it was November… (insert sounds of distant screams from moms around the word!)

Between gift giving and family gatherings, it can be easy to overspend when it comes to the holidays! Even though we all know Christmas falls on December 25th every year, it still seems to sneak up on us, tapping us on the shoulder as if to taunt (sometimes haunt) us.

Why do we always find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift for Aunt Suzie’s cousin, Georgie, and consistently (insert screams again) blowing our budget?!

Take a breath. Whew, I needed that. Okay, keep reading…

Let’s look at how we can get everything we need this close to the holidays and not lose our sanity. Even further, how can we plan better for the next holiday that comes around?

Here are some ways to help you get through this holiday season without getting overwhelmed or going broke.


Take what you want to spend on Christmas and divide that number by 12. That number is the amount you need to start saving when January comes around. This allows you to take a huge chunk of money and break it up into small bites. You can start saving a little at a time, even make purchases throughout the year so you are not bombarded with everything come November (now!) and December.

This simple strategy seems to work for any occasion or buying season like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Here’s an example, your daughter-in-law announces that she is pregnant – hooray, congratulations, you are going to be a Grandparent! Unofficially, you now have nine months to start your recon to find the perfect arrival and/or nursery gift AND be able to finance it. Take your total desired budget amount, divide by nine, and presto you have your monthly savings requirement.

GRANDPARENT TIP #1: Your grandchild’s nursery will look stunning with an elegant, personalized piece of custom furniture to match the décor and colors that mommy so painstakingly selected. Be sure to investigate our online store and financing options!


As long as it is not a sock puppet or a painting from the latest “paint & sip” party you attended with your girlfriends (because we know you didn’t sip), there are a ton of DIY projects that you can find online that (1) make bulk gift giving a lot more inexpensive, (2) are more heartfelt and personal, and (3) can be a fun way to explore your creativity and talents along the way!

Thanks to our beloved Pinterest, you do not have to be a DIY guru to make most of these things and, depending on the kind of friends you keep, your personalized gift will usually be received with genuine gratitude and appreciation.

A few simple ideas that are well received are candles, sugar scrubs, BBQ kit, mugs, etched glasses, to name a few!

Here is a great source for handmade gifts:

GRANDPARENT TIP #2: While you should always encourage your friends and family to eat fruit, do NOT include fruitcake into the mix this year (or the next), but DO consider crocheting some comfy scarves or large yarn throw blankets, if you are so inclined! Throw blankets look amazing draped over the back of a chair (like this one) and provide a sense of comfort and security.


If you are looking to purchase a big ticket item, like a Kozy Kids Chair for your favorite little human, you can explore our new financing options. All online purchases through can now be financed with $50 down and no interest if you pay the balance off within 90 days. There is also no credit check! This makes it easier on your budget and allows you to secure a legacy piece of custom furniture for your child(ren) just in time for the holidays!

Kozy Kids Chairs is also offering a special holiday promotion now through Christmas Day with 10% off any one item. The discount will be deducted at check out.

GRANDPARENT TIP #3: Do you want to be the favorite grandparent this year?! Yes, you say? Reread the previous two paragraphs and then call our Co-Founder Gladys (also a Grandma) so she can help you navigate a custom design that is perfect for your grandchild.

We hope these simple tips help you with your holiday shopping and budget this season! Let us know which strategy you prefer.