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Home has never been more important than it is today.

New social norms have made our homes not only our sanctuaries, but also our playgrounds, our restaurants, and now, even our schools.

This Fall, many of our children were tasked with a new reality – distance learning. You may have found your kiddos already starting to feel (or say) that school is bombarding them all the time. They might have even started to feel like there is no separation; no reprieve from school because their Chromebooks, colored pencils, and workbooks are scattered throughout the house or worse, their bedrooms.

Here are three simple ways that we, the parents, and caregivers of these precious little ones, can help create an escape for our kids, giving them a break both mentally and spatially.


The first way to help kids alleviate the stress of school is to create a routine that they can follow every weekday so they know when to put on the student hat and when they can take it off and relax.

Some ideas to include in your schedule are breakfast, lunch, breaks, snack time, and end time. Creating this type of schedule and sticking to that end time creates consistency. They can close their computer and put everything away which can help them create a “going home” routine.

Kids can physically and mentally turn off school for the day.


Another way to help the kids separate school from home is to create a dedicated school space that is outside of their room. This way, school is not invading their personal space. A dedicated workspace that they can go to, outside of their rooms, will help kids create a student mindset versus a home mindset.


A third tip is to create a mini sanctuary for your child in their room. A great way to give them a retreat is to gift them a “kozy” chair that is specifically for them! Between learning exercises or after school, they can go to their own personalized chair to unwind their mind, read a book, or play with their favorite toy.

Using their Kozy Kids Chair, it would be so simple to create a special reading nook for your little one that brings excitement and life to their new ways of learning. Have your kiddo pick out some decor items and some of their toys. This will give them the ownership of a space to call their own and a relatively easy way for them to disconnect from school.

“Dragon Fly Slumber Lounge” by @kozykidschairs

We hope these tips help you and your child make the best of distance learning this Fall, not only to promote learning but to also ensure our favorite little humans maintain their mental well-being and happiness.

(P.S. You are doing a great job, parents!)